All activities of our family business focus on the most important, the wishes of our clients. With regard to the requirements of clients, we create farms perfect in every detail.

Get to know us and you will find that we are the right partner

We are building the largest aquaponic farms in the world. Look......

Our company deals with the development and construction of aquaponic farms and recirculation systems for fish farming. Our systems can be placed both in industrial greenhouses and in unused halls, where we replace sunlight with artificial light. We also offer our customers the repurchase of fish and vegetables in Europe.

We have been developing aquaponics for more than 7 years, and therefore we can guarantee the functionality of the system. We provide professional services, such as remote access for water quality control, professional monitoring control system, quality fish feed of our own production, guarantee for the functionality of the entire system, etc. Now there is no other company on the Czech market or anywhere else in Europe to develop functioning aquaponic systems, manufactured and supplied.

We enjoy working with children and educating new experts in aquaponics. That is why we are happy for the project in Čakovice.

Own company in Czech TV

We built this too!

We are members of the World Aquaponic Association based in China

Our beginnings and story

The beginnings were really difficult

This is the story of our family and our employees. It's not just about one person, but about a whole team of people. But mostly everyone in the Czech Republic had the same experience. Speculators did not avoid anyone on our team.

Fish farming

Since 2000, our family has farmed on 29 ponds throughout the Central Bohemian Region. Due to the annual problems, we decided to try another type of fish farming. For example, fish farming in tanks.


Recirculating fish farming has worked very well for us, but we were still not satisfied with the discharge of sludge into the wastewater. But it was a very good experience that helped us learn aquaponics.

IBC containers

We started studying aquaponics according to instructions from all over the world. Unfortunately, nothing worked, so we had no choice but to learn everything on our own. It was a valuable lesson that lasted 3 years.


The first testing of welding tanks and growing parts made of polypropylene. This method worked best for us and we decided to continue working only with this material.

First big systems

We started testing what we learned on a smaller scale on larger systems. We found out that it is a big change and the system is not behaving as we are used to. We need to learn further.

First orders

After verifying the functionality of the system, the first people interested in our systems began to respond. We slowly learned how to deal with customers.

Bunker Nymburk

We started researching our own lights, which we developed for aquaponics, and had them made in China. These lights have worked very well for us and we still use them with small changes.

Biggest indoor farm in EU

Construction of the largest European aquaponic farm under the banner of one of our companies. In this way, we have joined the aquaponic community in the world. Farm of 2500m2. Every year we build another farm in the Czech Republic.

Cooperations with Tomas Uher

We started working with the best breeder of African catfish in the Czech Republic. Tomáš Uher was recommended to us at Mendel University in Brno, stating that he is the greatest expert in catfish breeding in the Czech Republic and possibly in Europe. We are very happy for your cooperation. Tomas also helps us in China and on other large projects.


Cooperation with the Fishing Club of the Czech Republic

We started working closely with the Fisheries Club of the Czech Republic and its chairman Ing. Mgr. Radek Sekera. Radek is an expert in his field.


They approached us with China, saying that the Chinese government would like to build the largest aquaponic farm in the world from us. It was a big challenge for us, but why not. We have experience.

China - long-term cooperation

The Chinese project has been a huge success, and the Chinese government has approached us saying that it wants to do this system in every major city in China. This will ensure that our company works for at least 10 years.

World aquaponics association

We founded the World Aquaponic Association with our partners in China, mainly because people from all over the world ask us to cooperate. We want to bring aquaponics closer to people by bringing together world experts and those interested in aquaponics. We also want to teach people aquaponics so that they can build and operate an aquaponic system themselves.

Workshops and training

Thanks to the projects we do all over the world, we are interested in training from all continents. It's something we're very interested in. We would like to focus 100% on this in the future.

Big orders around the world

In 2020, we have fights all over the world. This year we have to build in Croatia, Lithuania, Germany and other countries. Demand is also from the Arab states. In total, these are contracts worth more than a billion.

Cooperation with the largest vegetable company

We have started cooperation with partners who are interested in all products from our aquaponic farms.

Our customers are now assured of long-term consumption from one of the strongest companies in Europe.
Investors sign a product purchase agreement at the same time as a farm construction agreement.
The sale of products is a form of open cooperation. The basis is a quick return on investment, not a long-term burden on the investor and push prices down.

Stock company


In May 2020, we established the company FARM FOR EVERYONE a.s.

This company with a registered capital of CZK 30,000,000 becomes the main company, ie the parent company and our original company Farma pro všechny s.r.o. will still become the property of this joint stock company and will become a subsidiary.
Our companies in Asia will also become the property of a joint stock company.

Cooperation with the China Sea Institute

It hasn't been that long since we started building the first aquaponic farm in China, and now, after less than two years, we have signed a partnership with the Chinese Sea Institute. This cooperation aims to develop and further expand aquaponic farms throughout China. Thank you for your trust. We really appreciate it.

European E-shop 

aquaponic and hydroponic

In October 2020, we will open the largest e-shop in Europe for aquaponics, hydroponics and, for example, for fish farming. We want to enable our customers to buy products at reasonable prices and at the same time allow European do-it-yourselfers to build their own system.

And what will you be able to buy on the e-shop?

Greenhouses, A systems, growing towers, pumps, aerators, aeration stones, fish tanks, filters and nitrification, growing lights, nitrifying material, UW lamps, growing baskets, growing walls, etc. We invest more than CZK 20 million in our e-shop

Our prices will be unbeatable!