All About Licenses

Do you want to start business?

Are you ready?

How to start doing business?


You can purchase our license and you can start your business immediately. How?

When purchasing a license, you can use our FARM FOR EVERYONE brand in the language version for your country.

You can use our advertising and everything our company has built around the world.

We will teach you how to make money using aquaponics.

How to do it?

1) You purchase a license for your country.

2) We will prepare catalogs and websites for you

3) We will teach you everything about aquaponics

4) You are a licensee for your country.

5) There can be only one license per country

6) You are getting clients who want an aquaponic farm

7) For each client, you get a commission that is very high.

8) The commission is 10 - 15% of the total price of the farm

9) We will make an e-shop for you

10) You have constant support and help from us

The license price for each country is 20,000 euros.

The return on your investment is very fast!  We guarantee!

It is not possible to purchase our license for these countries:

Czech Republic





Our company always sells only one license per country.
Customer who buys a license, has our full support.

One project is enough and your investment is back